About Blue Construction
About Blue Construction We are state licensed and insured general contractors. Our three partners come from diverse backgrounds that combine over 35 years experience in the construction industry. We have specific experience in commercial project management, tenant improvements, restaurant construction, foodservice facility construction, and residential additions & remodeling. We are small enough to be flexible and personal. We are big enough to manage projects up to approximately $3-4 million in size (depending on individual project conditions). We are committed to sustainable construction practices, and members of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

We advocate the USGBC's integrated design approach to green building, bringing all stakeholders in the construction process together early, and considering total building performance and life cycle costs in addition to first cost analysis when evaluating construction options. We are happy to to execute a cutting edge sustainable and environmentally responsible project up to and including LEED certification, but we also welcome the opportunity to just make a few suggestions that will enhance the sustainability and environmental efficiency of any project.

We have managed projects all over the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and even a few surrounding states, but we are Minneapolis specialists. We have extensive experience navigating zoning and permitting rules, regulations, and inspections in the city of Minneapolis. We have great relationships with many city building inspectors, and have seen many complex projects through the Minneapolis zoning and plan review process.

We have experience with the construction requirements of commercial lending (including SBA, CPED, and comparable local, state, and federal government backed loans).

We are a good fit for construction customers that have "been around the block a few times." We are not the most expensive contractors in town, but we are not the lowest priced either. Our goal is to be the most professional. We strive to provide thorough and accurate estimating, and realistic construction timelines. It is easy for a contractor to supply the lowest bid by providing an incomplete estimate. This creates confusion and delay in the course of construction, and major financing problems when change orders exceed the contingency amount in the budget. This leads to animosity between contractor, property owner, and financial institution. We have been around the block a few times too. That means communicating openly, and starting with a thorough and complete estimate that is the backbone of a healthy project with no surprises.

Relationships are the most important thing we build. We try hard to establish a level of comfort and open communication with our customers that is often hard to find in the construction industry. Not every job and every customer is a perfect fit. We really like our jobs. We choose projects that cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with our customers so we can keep doing work that makes us happy.

We are always happy to provide appropriate references from some of our previous projects upon request.

We are currently members of, and proudly support:
- The United States Green Building Council (USBGC)
- The Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce
- The Lake Street Council
- The Longfellow Business Association
- The Living Green Expo

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