About Blue Construction
Send invoices to:
Blue Contruction, Inc.
PO Box 6630
Minneapolis, MN 55406
For the fastest processing, invoices may also be emailed to barbra@blueconstructioninc.com. We typically send out checks every 2 weeks. Unless other payment terms have been agreed upon in advance, we assume invoices are due net 30 days or pay-when-paid in the case of projects that are financed using a title company.
Accounting contact
Barbra Day
Ph. 612.481.9332
Fax; 888.313.1829
Blue Construction is a Minnesota corporation and licensed contractor. We must comply with all state and federal laws applicable to our corporate and licensed contractor status. What does this mean to you? It means we need the following information before we can pay you:
1) Proof of general liability insurance
2) Proof of workers compensation insurance
3) W-9 form (corporations) or state independent contractor exemption certificate
The above items can be emailed to barbra@blueconstructioninc.com
As a Blue Construction subcontractor you must carry general liability and workers compensation insurance. We need a copy of your current certificate for both before we can issue payment to your company. We are audited annually by our insurance carrier. No exceptions can be made.
W-9 or independent contractor exemption certificate
A W-9 form is required from corporations, LLCs, and partnerships. A W-9 form is available for free at www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf. Minnesota law requires individuals who work as independent contractors in the building construction industry to obtain from the Department of Labor and Industry an Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate (ICEC). More information on the ICEC form is available at http://www.doli.state.mn.us/CCLD/ICEC.asp. ICEC status also requires that we withold 2% of your total invoice and pay it directly to the state of Minnesota. This amount will be applied to your annual income tax payment by the state.
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